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Abarth 1000 TCR Configuration


  Body Engine & Transmission
Setup1 -Abarth TCR front bumper
-Abarth TCR front emblem
-Independent front suspension with
adjustible coil-overs
-Lowered rear rear springs with
sport shock absorbers
-Classic 6x13 front and 7x13 rear wheels
-Front disc brakes
-Classic steering wheel
-Roll bar from middle to back of the car
-Racing seats
-Vertical viper connector
-Bullet style rear view mirror
-TCR sticker set (checgert ag or xcross
on the top of the car)
-Wide front fender
-New brake pump,pipes and hoses
-Front cooler
-New 185/60R13
-Racing harnes
-Rear hood holders
Complete rebuild 903cc Engine
-Single barrel carburettor
-Sport exhaust
- Electronic ignition
-Upgraded clutch
-CV joint shaft
-Modied head
Setup 2 All body elements fom setup plus following
-Full rollcage
-Abarth gearbox cover
-Rear Abarth rewall
-Knee rest door
-Knee rest in front of gear lever
-Replica Abarth1000TCR instrument panel
-California ssstyle rear view mirror
-Rear berglass bonnet
-Front on the hood alloy fuel cap
-Abart valve rocker cover
-Abarth oil sump
-Cromodora replica wheels 7x13 front and 8x13 rear
-Complete rebuild 903cc eEngine
-Twin barrel carburettor
-Sport exhaust
-Abarth 4 in 1 big exhaust
-Electronic ignition
-Racing clutch
-CV joint shaft
-Modied head
-Fast road camshaft
-5 speed gearbox with 8/39 or 9/39 dierential
Setup 3 -Complete rebuild 1050cc Engine
-PBS head for twin weber 45 DCOE with manifold
-Sport exhaust
-Abarth 4 in 1 big exhaust
-Electronic ignition
-Racing clutch
-Racing drive shafts
-Full Modied head
-Race camshaft
-Modied crankshaft
-Race pistons
-Modied race pistons rods
-oil cooler electronic fuel pump with regulator
-Abarth oil sump
-Abarth oil valve rocker cover
-Abarth engine breather system
-Alloy belt drives
-Electronic water pump
-5 speed gearbox with 8/39 or 9/39 dierential
All body elements from setup 1
and 2 plus following
-Rear Pendolare suspension
-Rear disc brakes
-Front suspension stabilizer
-Rear suspension stabilizer
-205/60R13 tyres
-Cromodora replica wheels 8x13
-Abarth 1000 TCR Replica Race Seats


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