Electrical ZAS G20

With the electrical conversion and complete restoration of the legendary Zastava 750, which was produced in former Yugoslavia under license from Fiat, as an almost identical model of the Fiat 600, we have managed to solve several problems in our society.

  • Old cars are removed from the street;
  • Air pollution is being battled;
  • Promotion of a CO2 free modes of transport.


Together with the electrical professionals of the German company “Kessler Group”, who became our partners in this project and with the support from the Macedonian “Fund for Innovation and Technological Development”, we have successfully created the conversion of several cars, which we have named ZAS G20. ZAS coming from the original name- Zastava and the G20 coming from the 20 kilowatt motor that these cars have. It has the German TUV certificate for registration so it can be registered all over the World without any issue. You can see the main characteristics right below and in case you are interested in a purchase, please contact our partner that is responsible for international sales: www.zas-electric.com or info@zas-electric.com.

ZAS G20 Main Characteristics:

Electric Motor:

– Rated power of motor: 20kW;
– Max power of motor: 35kW;
– Torque: 75Nm;
– Max. Speed: 8000 rpm;  -Asynchronous motor;   Liquid cooled.


– Battery capacity: 10,2 kW/h;
– Rated Voltage: 102 V;
– Type: Li/Io/Nmc.


– 3kW with Type 2 Plug;
– Fast charging possible upon request.