About Us

Our story begins in 2015, when a group of car enthusiasts joined to create BB Classic Cars, with the purpose of sharing their passion in creating beautiful classic car restorations that can be used by customers from all around the globe. During this period, we have successfully restored and sold classic cars such as: Zastava 750 (Fiat 600), Fiat Abarth TCR, Jaguar, Fiat 131, Fiat 128 Rally and many more. By tackling numerous challenges ahead of us, we have mastered the craft of restoring these classic cars and established a wide range of trusted suppliers and loyal customers. It also gave us an opportunity to offer various car accessories that can be used on your car restoration project or sold to your customers.

Throughout it`s existence, the company was always able to overcome various challenges and kept on growing and expanding the range of operations, transforming it into an innovative company and a trusted and reliable partner.

With the envormental challenges that we are currently facing which is mainly caused by air pollution, the automotive industry made a shift towards removing the harmful combustion engines from the cars and replace it with an electrical engine. This has caused a revolution in the way we think and function, and made us aware that each individual needs to take action in order to make our planet a better place to live.

That is why, with the help of the “The Fund for Innovation and Technological Development” we have developed an electrical car on the model of Zastava 750 (Fiat 600), which was named ZAS G20. The modification of this vehicle of using an electrical motor instead of a regular combustion engine was a real challenge, but with the assistance of our partners from “Kessler Group” we were able to deliver outstanding results and become one of the pioneers of the classic EV conversions.